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The Super Heroes Monthly was a black & white monthly anthology published from September 1980 (Vol 1 number 1) to April 1982 (Vol 2 number 7) by London Editions Magazines, running 19 issues in total. It reprinted stories from a number of American DC Comics titles, with most issues including at least one Superman and/or Batman story. There were also Super Heroes Annuals published from 1982-1984. The 1983 Annual features a two page British originated text story, Wonder Woman in ‘The Eye of the Eagle’, by Kelvin Gosnell. There was also a Special published as an offshoot of the series, the card covered, full colour ‘Superman Spectacular #1′.

Distinguished by their awesome (for the time) painted covers, this UK series was let down by its dated content. Shown above is the fantastic cover and article from the ‘Superman II Special Movie Issue’ with part one of a six-page feature on the upcoming feature –

Part two to follow..!


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