All ‘New’ Picture Card Series Updated…

SUPERMANIA is pleased to report that progress continues on the Superman IV trading card project now that designs have been refined by SuperFan Alexei Lambley-Steel to better match cards from the era (In the late ’80’s card numbers were relegated to the rear and titles were changed to uppercase!), while the descriptive card backs telling the story (written by myself) are currently at the halfway point.

As we are presenting the set based on an idealized version of the the film in its complete, uncut form, the story is being adapted using both the DC Comics Special and the novelisation by B.B Hiller. This presents the opportunity to use images from cut scenes while filling in the gaping plot holes from the theatrical version in an attempt to make it a coherent whole. While my archive of quality stills is used in its entirety, Alex and I agreed the only way to convey the story properly was to use screengrabs, the first excellent results of which we present above.

Stay tuned for further updates of this exciting project..!


5 Replies to “All ‘New’ Picture Card Series Updated…”

  1. Do you have any updates on this? I was very excited to hear about this last summer!!

  2. Any word on the Superman IV trading cards? Very interested in obtaining a set!

  3. I have sets from the first three movies. Thanks for taking the time to make a set for part FOUR. I cannot wait for this. Please keep me up dated!

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