A Dynamic Duo…

For a comic collection heralded by Variety as ‘An invigorating, entertaining and modern take on the Man of Steel’ its ironic how many elements of the fantastic ‘Superman: Brainiac‘ story are a clear throwback to the Bronze Age of comics.

Indeed, writer Geoff Johns, fresh from a successful collaboration with director Richard Donner for ‘Superman, Last Son’ continued to evoke the style and spirit of the Superman movies by next teaming up with influential artist Gary Frank for a tale that could so easily be the basis for a fifth movie set in that continuity.  Johns integrates tribute after homage to the first two Superman movies with similar verisimilitude and drama contrasted by tongue-in-cheek. With Frank’s pencils unashamedly bringing both Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder back to life on the page seemingly picking up where the films left off, the result is a satisfying tale and a rare treat in the current DC continuity.

SUPERMANIA presents the first graphic novel in a series of recommended reading tailored purely for fans of the movies with accompanying images. Comments welcome…!


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