MMS152 @ ACG 2011…

These photographs shot only last week at the Ani-Com & Games Guangzhou reveal a very interesting development with the Superman: The Movie figure on display in the ever-popular Hot Toys booth –

Check the Super Figures/statues history of this blog for thorough coverage of this long-awaited offering and you’ll see more photographs of the prototype, and later a small campaign initiated by SUPERMANIA in an attempt to highlight potential improvements. With the figure slated as having a Q4 release and expected within the coming months, it would appear Hot Toys has typically risen to fans expectations and reworked the headsculpt in advance!

Master sculptor Arnie Kim had already acknowledged concerns about the prototype in a recent post on Facebook with a cryptic message telling us not to worry as ‘Hot Toys is perfect’ (sic) which did indeed hint there would be a revision before production…


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