Another Open Letter To Hot Toys…


Dear Hot Toys

As your Superman: The Movie figure is landing on the doorsteps of many grateful fans the world over and pictures of your latest creation are flying up all over the ‘net it would seem that any concerns anybody may have had about the finished product were not only unfounded but instead addressed with considerable style.

While SUPERMANIA and community of SuperFans take no credit whatsoever for any changes that may or may not have been implemented to this piece of 1/6 art we nevertheless salute your team’s dedication to making this possibly the ultimate Superman collectible and perhaps more importantly, a fitting tribute to our hero Christopher Reeve.

For many collectors this was their ‘grail’ figure, and in an age where Superheroes saturate Movie screens our love for the first and best of them all remains undiminished. Finally after a thirty year wait you have rewarded us with the toy we all wanted as kids back when we all left cinemas believing a man could fly.

It is important to remember that a portion of the sale of this figure goes to the Christopher & Dana Reeve paralysis Foundation and by purchasing it you honour a cause the man himself was so passionate about. Thanks to your attention to detail we can continue to remember him exactly as he was in his most iconic role for decades to come.

Best regards,

Pictures above used with kind permission by OMG – Bottom comparison pic by Sebastian Columbo (click for larger version)


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