You’ll Believe A Figure Can Fly…

Onto the shelves of a million patiently waiting SuperFans!

Announced last August by Hot Toys as a ‘Winter 2010’ release, photographs of the prototype 1/6 figure were finally released online this week creating what could only be described as fanboy hysteria. Indeed, online collector forums such as Sideshow Freaks had two threads comprising of hundreds of pages of speculation before a single picture had been shown.

Was it worth the wait? Hot Toys detail often speaks for itself, though one should bear in mind this is a prototype and unlike most other Toy companies HT listen to fans and often ‘tweak’ details before November’s release. Though the headsculpt (by renowned Korean Sculptor Arnie Kim) is a work of art in itself, pictured bottom is SuperFan Sebastian Columbo’s manip side-by-side with the original, proving in Kim’s hands its easily the closest likeness in any scale to date…


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  1. its obviously amazing but….

    id have preferred it had it been EVIL SUPERMAN!

    i suppose they had to go with the standard 1978 era Reeve as superman but how cool and quirky would it have been had they done 1983 extra bulky evil superman with accessories of Gus' fake kryptonite, peanut flick hands, bottle of whiskey and crushed CK glasses (maybe some junk yard instead of the crystal FOS stage too)

    then maybe done a junkyard Clark as well a bit later

    i wouldnt have been able to resist that…but this i can for some reason.maybe something to do with the way high price! but also 1978 STM weight fluctuating/sculpted S curl/24 year old Reeve is my least favourite incarnation of Reeve as supes. i prefer him bigger built in II and especially III…and even super slim in IV when hes a more mature looking supes

    that said id have quite happily killed for one of these a good few years ago as a kid. if my 5-10 years old self had any inkling that 20+ years down the line there would be this available to buy and i wasnt gonna buy one hed probably die of shock! (thus wiping me out of existence)

  2. Hi there –

    Thanks for your comments!
    It would be so easy to offer the Evil Superman from III with minimal work one would imagine. As this is early days who knows what HT has planned (if anything) for the future of the line. If nothing else this past few days have confirmed there is HIGH demand for the character so maybe it will go the way of Iron Man and get a never-ending series of variants. Would suit me…

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