If you were of school age in the 70’s and 80’s, there is a strong possibility you will have carted your dinner around in a lunchbox from Aladdin industries. With licenses ranging from ‘Annie’ all the way through to ‘Zorro’ their sets (including matching thermos flask with one gulp capacity) were robust and distinctive, often adorned with exclusive artwork on the lid.

Though boxes had been produced by Aladdin for both Superman: The Movie and Superman II, shown above is the inexplicably scarce Superman III edition. As almost all of these were put to good use back in the day (I last saw one through envious eyes in possession of a school pal) it is also rare to find one in such good condition – a testimony to their resolve.  Photograph’s by me with the exception of the graphic at bottom courtesy Jim Bowers.


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  1. (I last saw one through envious eyes in posession of a school pal)

    could you not have hit him and stolen it? as a kid at school you can get away with hitting and stealing and not have anyone do anything about it

    anyway i had the STM one – its gone now but if id seen a kid at school with one from II or III id have probably asked him if hed like to sell it then beaten him and stolen it when he said no.

  2. Hi there –

    Lol, I never would have gotten away with such action – that's the difference between kids now & back then…

    I actually thought I'd imagined the whole episode until I saw the art on and knew I'd seen it before. Its taken me more than 20 years to get one like I vowed I would…

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