The dawn of the Digital age presents many possibilities as yet fully unexploited – the concept of ‘resurrecting’ an actor for a posthumous appearance is still in its infancy but constantly advancing. See above digital renderings of the late Christopher Reeve (by artists I only wish I could identify to give them the full credit for their incredible work) with the heft and stature of age as he would potentially appear in an animated version of ‘Superman V’.

Other artists have gone one better and put the images in motion – one can only hope in future the Movie series could be concluded in a fashion befitting of the performance emulated here and to date, unsurpassed…


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  1. If some day Chris Reeve can be make by computer in a perfect way, he should be the image of all Superman films.

  2. RedSun Greetings from Brazil!
    I've added a link to your web page on my blog.
    Please check it out!

  3. Thanks for your comments guys…!

    The potential of a feature using similar renderings to what is shown here I find to be fabulously exciting – I hope someday to see it.

    And Hola SuperPlanet!! – I just checked out your site and added your great blog…!!

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