Quarter Scale SuperStatue…

Superfan Chris King is a purveyor of high-end replica props and figures – chances are you’ve seen a piece commissioned or initiated by him (especially if you’re a Star Wars fan) without even knowing it.

The above is a typical example of Chris’ unparalleled pursuit of the perfect replica to date unsurpassed by any licensed offering. Commissioned by Chris and sculpted by Philip Robinson, this chunk of solid, exquisitely cast resin was originally in six parts (body, head, hands & boots) and was clothed in a specially-tailored outfit sourced by Chris and fabricated by Philip, complete with heat-sealed emblems and vinyl belt.

There is also a Hot Toys connection in the piece lineage as the paintjob was applied by noneother than J.C. Hong – providing at least some idea of how the upcoming figure from Japan may eventually look…



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  1. I really want one, can i buy one please, I'm very serious, no matter the cost, just not outrageous

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