Tom Mankiewicz, 1942 – 2010….

A rare interview from the Starlog Yearbook with the ‘Creative Consultant’ who only recently received full & true recognition for his contribution to the Superman movie mythos.

Chances are you’ve seen most of the pictures he’s written without even knowing it- especially if you are a fan of the Bond franchise. Tom has a special place in the hearts and minds of all Superman fans and we salute him, he will be sadly missed…


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  1. There was nobody quite like Mank. A top-notch old school writer that will never come again. Everything he did just had that extra touch of movie magic too it. Puzo may have made a great overall tale, but it was Mank that gave us a true story. They just don't make'm like that anymore. If you've never heard Mankiewicz's and Dick Donner commentary for Superman: The Movie, your certainly missing a treat. Rest in Peace Good sir.

  2. Which Starlog yearbook? I own a number of them and haven’t seen this article.

  3. Would have loved to see his take on Dick Tracy. At least, it might have been more interesting than Beatty’s take (although he said that an extended cut of the movie exists)

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