Mattel Movie Masters – Zod…

When Mattel announced last year they would be producing a series of 1/6 figures based on the Superman Movie franchise it was a shock to fans both why it had taken so long for somebody to acquire the license, and how that company came to be Mattel.

With the unveiling of the revised Superman figure at this year’s Comic-Con there is renewed enthusiasm for the line, especially as a Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor has now also been confirmed.

This first release of Terence Stamp as General Zod is one of the first pieces of genuine Superman Movie memorabilia in decades and was worth the wait. While some fans bemoaned the maroon flash on Zod’s costume, it is nonetheless screen-accurate (as conclusively evidenced in the Donner Cut) while the figure’s packaging is beautiful and easily on-par with the figure itself. The accessories are also first class (Including alternate hands and weapons) and accommodate numerous methods of display and scene re-enactment.

With their simple sculpts and basic paint, these figures may not compete with the likes of Hot Toys products, (and for $60 they are clearly not intended to) so they are instead best enjoyed as the Mego figure line we should have gotten back in the day…


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  1. i would have literally KILLED for these in my youth…in fact im half tempted to get them now for my 5-10 year old self. (but probably wont)

    id guess in addition to Hackman Lex we'll see Non, Ursa, Jor El & Lois – surely they wont bother with Miss T, Lara, Otis, Perry, Pa Kent, Lana etc…

    if they end up doing an Evil Superman i wont be able to resist – i will have to get that one…

    imagine if they do ones for Gus and Nuclear Man! (they will probably be the top sellers)

    one question – whats the dark thing that comes with the kryptonie necklace on the reeve figure? (wet hair?)

  2. I don't think the line will make it past the other two villains after Luthor though I hope I'm wrong as a Kidder Lois would be teriffic…

    As for the accessories I can't see the hair being something you could convincingly jam over the Superman's head so I'm guessing its a Luthor wig, although its not in a recognizable style. I'm willing to bet the Hackman figure will be bald with maybe a couple of different hairpieces just like in the movie.

    And yes, I've been waiting for these all my life so to see them executed in such style is a real treat. I always hoped that in similar fashion to the Ghostbusters line a set of 6" action figures would emerge also – think of the possibilities for that…!

  3. maybe they will do a Clark and also a de powered superman from II with the brown jacket and beat up mug

    the accessories should be fun: e.g:

    Clark (with II alleyway packaging) -notepad/pen, hat, S costume underneath, shirt rip hands

    Lex (underground lair packaging) – wig, cigar, V for victory hands

    Non (Times Sq packaging) – caught rocket, clicking balls, red police light

    Ursa (Moon packaging) – snake, Nasa badge, flagpole

    Dark robe Jor El with white suit underneath (Krypton/PZ packaging) – green and clear crystals, long phantom zone crystal

    Lois (DP rooftop packaging) – smokes, OJ machine, handbag,

    Evil Supes (with Junkyard background) – fake kryptonite, JD bottle and glass, peanut bowl, crushed glasses

    Beat up Clark (dead FOS background) – green crystal, blackened consol

    Gus (Job Centre packaging) – oversized cowboy hat, skies, pink tablecloth, yo yo, suitcase full of booze

    Nuclear Man (Odean Leicester Square background) – retractable nails, premiere programme signed by Princess Diana

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