Why I Believe In…

Culled from an oversize article in the UK Sun newspaper entitled Why I Believe in Superman circa 1988, after the release and subsequent box-office failure of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.

It seems Reeve’s only stipulation for returning to the role one last time was a return to quality. As the possibility of a fifth chapter was closer to fruition than most believe, I intend to post as much evidence from the aborted fifth movie that I can and need your help!! Please get in touch if you have anything Superman V related…!


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  1. Hi – i believe there was a 4-5 page Superman V article in starlog magazine around 1993 or 94 (before Reeves accident). i remember reading it in a comic store around that time and it had Reeve quotes and maybe an interview. maybe you could track it down on some back issues site or ebay etc?

    also i remember a newspaper article from earlier maybe 1992? in the UK Daily Mail or Express that said Reeve was going to return as Superman in a fifth film for $4m but Kidder was going to be replaced as Lois as she was too old…

    i have a few various SF magazines (Cinescapes) from the mid-late 90s that have Superman V articles but they only deal with the Burton Cage Superman Lives/Reborn.

    but anyway I too have a feeling Reeve was maybe gearing up to do a fifth Superman sometime around the early 90s before his accident (and not just Cannon cobbeling together the Superman IV outakes). itd have made a whole bunch of sense what with the Batman movies being so big.

    great site btw..keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks, guys!

    I have an issue of Starlog with an article entitled "Why I'll never be Superman again!" from the mid-nineties – an upsetting title and conrary to things he was saying previously. I'm still searching for the Cannon Superman V Variety Ad from 1988 and any other newspaper scans etc. would be greatly appreciated!!

  3. Hi – that mustve been it – can you post the starlog article sometime? id like to read it again..

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