Man Of Vinyl…

This fabulous 15″ tall vinyl statue with cloth cape was produced by Hamilton Gifts in 1988, a year after the release of Superman IV.

Resembling an oversize Super Powers figure the likeness owes more to Jose Garcia Lopez line art than his cinematic counterpart. Part of a range that included similar comic-book treatments of Batman (and Spider-man?)The figures came with white metal stands and were articulated at the shoulders.

Interestingly, the molds were re-used and sold in Warner Bros. Stores (minus stand and featuring slap-dash paintjobs) for many years later until their eventual demise…


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  1. A very good figure my friend, I have in my collection and is very large, congratulations, best wishes from supers0nicman.

  2. hi i own this doll i was just wanting to no a lil more a bout this thang it is still in the same shape as new never has bin takin out of the plastic it has never bin tuched buy hands other than plastic that it is in frum the waset down it has a plastic film cover

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