Marvellous Margot…


With her husky voice and sassy attitude, it was a pleasure to finally see how Canadian Margot beat the competition to win the part of Lois Lane as seen in the screen tests of Superman: The Movie Special Edition on DVD.

From the top, Lundi Magazine poster, Lundi Pinup, Japanese pinup and UK Clipping.

You’ve got me – who’s got you..?


7 Replies to “Marvellous Margot…”

  1. Seeing these does my soul some serious good, especially since not too many people have pics of her this good. This made my day.

  2. Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve are the best. Could you please make a you tube video compiling Christopher Reeve's & Margot Kidder's photos and film clips (early appearances before superman and during superman)? Thanks for this rare pictures.

  3. Hi I’m Jon I was heartbroken when I heard that margot kidder had died as far as I can say she was the best Lois lane RIP margot kidder

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