Behind the (Deleted) Scenes – Tornado Rescue Cont’d…

Rare images from the set of the Tornado scene from Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

From the top, the last of the special set-taken prints and above, rare publicity B&W still of the finished scene. Note Christopher Reeve’s daughter Alexandra harnessed in mid-air for the rescue…


5 Replies to “Behind the (Deleted) Scenes – Tornado Rescue Cont’d…”

  1. The images interesting, congratulations, a delight for the senses.
    Thanks and greetings from supers0nicman

  2. Thank you –

    I used to think my collection was good but yours is astonishing…!

  3. Very beautifull pics! I have a finished version of this scene… in videotape (european cut).

  4. Indeed, it was always intact on the European/UK release but has yet to find its way into the complete cut of any US version. This film, despite its many flaws deserves at least a full restoration…

  5. Hi thanks for your words my good friend about my collection, but his collection is extraordinary and for me the films of chris reeve superman are the best of all time, best wishes from supers0nicman and chris reeve (superman) forever.

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