At Downtown Disney…

ASuperman producers Alexander and Ilya Salkind based the production of the SuperBoy TV Series at Universal Studios in Florida it was inevitable some items from the production would wind up in exhibition there.  In fact, the Christopher Reeve Superman costume on display in the Downtown Disney Planet Hollywood restaurant was used for John Haymes-Newton’s screentest (as shown on the SuperBoy: Season 1 Boxset) and appearing, bizarrely, as fancy dress in a second season two-part episode worn by IIan Mitchell-Smith as Andy McCallister (click here and see it to believe it!)

Suspended on a black velvet mannequin in ‘flight mode’ from the ceiling, the prop was hung in open space unguarded from the elements and showing signs of wear (note the hole in the bodysuit above the belt, (second pic) prompting its relocation/salvage years later to the entrance (see its ‘upgrade’ here). Conversely, Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor robe was preserved in pristine condition in a wall-mounted glass case in the stairwell (bottom pic) until the site was closed for a refurb in 2000…



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  1. Is that Superman suit the green version that they use for the flying scenes with the blue screen behind?

  2. I couldn't say for sure although it was spectacularly faded when last I saw it. It was quite grey up close, however and therefore looked no different than the 'standard' blue.

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